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Who We Are

We breathe the sea every day, and like you, we live with her and for her.

Our Mission

Since 1992 a life dedicated to the sea and to those who, like us, live and breathe the sea every day. With a main goal.

Make you feel at home.

Pontile Destriero is not just a place to moor your boat and benefit of our services. For us, the pier is like our home and our customers are like the guests to whom we reserve the same attention that we would reserve to a member of our family.

That’s why over 80% of our customers come back every summer and that’s why the same customers, when they talk about us, say:

“It’s like being at home.”

A bit of history

Pontile Destriero - A family passion.

Pontile Destriero was founded in the early 90’s when Cannigione was still a small village on the edge of the best known Costa Smeralda. At that time, our father Antonio Orecchioni, whom everyone knows as Antonicco, had opened his first boating shop.

The experience gained as a skipper several years earlier made him realize that Cannigione, and its small inlet, sheltered from the winds of Gregale, Mistral and North Wind, was the perfect place for mooring yachts and boats.

He therefore built a small pier and began offering services to boats that at that time began to frequent the sea of ​​the Costa Smeralda.

It was 1992 and in that year the super-yacht Destriero set the speed record for the Atlantic crossing, covering the distance of 3106 miles between New York and the coasts of Europe in just 58 hours, 34 minutes and 50 seconds.

An epic undertaking that inspired our father so much, that he decided to call his pier, Destriero.

Since then we have hosted thousands of boats, met many owners and masters, improved our service offering by adding something new every year, always with the aim of making our customers feel at home.

Today, almost thirty years later, the Destriero’s record is still unbeaten. Even our Pier Destriero continues to offer hospitality to all those arriving on our coasts.

In the meantime, the management of the wharf has passed to us children, although Antonicco does not fail to visit the pier, a little to check that everything is going well and a little to see customers and friends of a lifetime with whom to remember some of the most memorable fishing trips.

Every day we do our best to ensure that the philosophy handed down to us by our father remains unbeaten just like the Destriero’s record.

Pontile Destriero all'alba

Our Vision

The sea has always been our home. We work hard every day so that our customers also feel at home.

Our Values

We believe that the sea and the privacy of our customers should be respected and preserved.

That’s why we have adopted the plastic-free philosophy, using as far as possible only eco-sustainable materials and we have established very strict rules to access the pier.

We want our sea to remain clean and that our customers can enjoy their stay away from prying eyes.

Our Staff

It will be a pleasure to make you feel at home.

The Pontile Destriero staff is at your disposal to satisfy any need during your stay.


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